Our Founders

While currently in stealth mode, we are unable to disclose our founders’ identity. For information on our founders, please contact us at info@voltamission.com.


With over two decades of experience in high-tech manufacturing, Our CEO has a proven track record, including expertise in Tesla’s high-volume 4680 cell manufacturing.

Our CEO’s background also encompasses technical management at a leading U.S. cell manufacturing company, contributing to a comprehensive skill set in the dynamic field of advanced manufacturing.


Boasting 15+ years in energy storage R&D and a Ph.D. in Material Chemistry, Our CTO served as the R&D department head for a global material company and held a technical management role at a top U.S. cell manufacturing company.

Our CTO’s experience extends to overseeing domestic and overseas fab ramp-ups, demonstrating a comprehensive background in the field.


Our COO holds an advanced academic background with a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering and an MBA. Recognized as a recipient of the Country to Country Young Leadership Award.

Our COO currently leads engineering initiatives at a leading U.S. cell manufacturing company, combining technical proficiency with leadership excellence.